sinewave's stepmania dump

hi, welcome to my stepmania dumping grounds.

last updated: 8th june 2019

i'll upload all of my stepmania related things here eventually. for now it's just packs - i'll also change the background eventually to be tiling and also not shit. however, only time will tell if or when i do it lmfao
anyways, cheers for checking this out, hopefully you enjoy some of my stuff.


Pack downloads

click on the corresponding images to download the packs - it's sorted chronologically btw

Sinewave Minipack Vol. 1
warning: this pack sucks - files will be redone eventually

Sinewave Minipack Vol. 2
warning: this pack sucks - not as much as minipack 1, but still kinda bad

Sinewave Minipack Vol. 3
note: this pack is alright but some files suck

Sinewave - Operation Recreation
an actually decent pack imo. proud of it tbh

Sinewave Minipack Vol. 4
proud of this pack as well. has a bunch of memes if you're into that

Sinewave Minipack Vol. 5
very proud of this one. probably my best files yet?